Go Green!  Help Us Help the Planet! 

That’s out motto, and we live it every day.  

AMR adopted green cleaning more than ten years ago, before it was even fashionable.  Our green cleaning program is designed to improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants emitted by our cleaning products, reducing waste headed to landfills or recycling centers, and reducing the carbon footprint needed to produce and transport the products and tools we use.  

Key ways we do this:

  • Choosing environmentally-friendly chemicals that minimize irritation to the respiratory system and help improve indoor air quality. This is especially important in schools and facilities serving populations with asthma and similar illnesses. 
  • Using washable microfiber cloths. These eliminate the need for both paper towels and dusting can be accomplished without a spray.
  • Using concentrated, environmentally-friendly chemicals. By diluting chemicals onsite and ordering in bulk quantities, AMR reduces plastic waste and the need to transport large quantities of supplies. 
  • Organizing our work from the tops of buildings to the first floor. As teams finish an area, they turn off lights and ensure faucets are turned off, reducing unnecessary waste (and saving the client money). 

Have questions about green cleaning?  Give AMR a call at 301-949-6930 or email us at info@amr-us.com.