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K-12th Grade School

State: Ellicott City, MD

Project Description: Provide janitorial and floor maintenance (stripping & waxing, carpet shampooing) as a prime contractor. Office space and classrooms, gymnasium and arts theater comprised the majority of space to be serviced on a periodic basis, in a campus type facility.


Commercial Development Corp.

State: Washington, DC

Project Description: Provide janitorial services at (7) buildings encompassing over 650,000 net cleanable square feet. The area is comprised of public use areas and general office space. Over 1,500 employees occupy the premises on a daily basis. Janitorial services include general floor care, trash removal, restroom cleaning and restocking bathroom supplies, recycling, carpet shampooing and vacuuming, and high and low dusting.



State: Washington, DC

Project Description:Provide janitorial services, quality assurance and periodic floor maintenance in compliance with JCAHO requirements at the hospital facilities that include: 4-story medical suites building, a senior wellness center, a family health center, and a 4-story medical facility. Specialized cleaning is provided within medical clinics, patient waiting rooms, exam rooms, laboratory space and general office spaces.

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