Mision & Vision Statement




AMR-US, Inc’s management team consists of a combined 35 years of cleaning experience within major prime companies (IBM, Lockheed Martin, Proctor & Gamble, etc.). They have managed facility maintenance contracts for buildings with an excess of 1.6 million square feet and with cleaning crews functioning seven days per week. Our staff are committed to providing regular communication with our clients to assure that all maintenance needs are managed and met. All staff are trained in providing customized services and appropriately handling of all cleaning products and equipment. Customer satisfaction and workplace safety are hallmark values within AMR-US Inc’s service delivery and quality control standards.

We believe in promoting and utilizing cleaning supplies and materials that have met the Green Seal Standard Certification, which are aligned with the government’s policy on Green Cleaning. AMR-US, Inc is committed to using cleaning products that are designed not to contribute to the pollution of the environment, but improves healthy workplace settings. Some of the cleaning solutions utilize natural hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning agents. Additional steps are taken by advising our clients on lighting replacement with energy-conservation products, and replacing paper dispensers with more environmental safety products. The quality assurance process is aligned with fulfilling our client’s contract expectations and ensuring an awareness of a healthy workplace environment.

AMR-US, Inc. is experienced in providing specialized maintenance services for automobile dealerships, educational and health care institutions. A major Hospital in Washington DC has benefited from the joint training of their medical staff and AMR-US, Inc’s employees participating in workshops to address OSHA standards. We believe in investing in workforce development and addressing our client’s needs. Another major group of clients include private schools. Our customized maintenance services include improving healthier student, staff and faculty work environments and reducing the likelihood of any viral transmission. Health and safety are key values in the service delivery for all our clients.



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