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AMR-US, Inc. was established in the state of Maryland on November 15, 2001. The founder and President, Mr. Raul Ayala, has grown the business operations from a home-based operation to an emerging million dollar firm with over 100 employees. The company began by participating in open market procurements and is expanding its contracting within small and minority business solicitations and sole source awards.

AMR-US, Inc services the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area by providing professional cleaning and maintenance services for large commercial facilities, small business offices, educational facilities, industrial and manufacturing buildings, and medical facilities. The success of the company is founded on a goal to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the highest quality of service.

Our highly trained and well supervised staff are equipped with the appropriate resources and promote environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are proven, reliable and motivated maintenance teams capable of successfully and efficiently meeting our client’s concerns. AMR-US, Inc.’s expertise includes, but is not limited to general cleaning, stripping and waxing of floors, carpet cleaning and fulfilling other industrial and commercial cleaning requirements. All work is conducted within OSHA standards for chemical cleaning and hazardous waste material handling.



RAUL AYALA - President/CEO
Raul has served as founder and president of AMR-US, Inc since 2001. He is a businessman, former loan officer, and sales representative with over 18 years experience in financial management, project management, distribution networking, and managing large commercial cleaning contracts for major and smaller organizations within the private and public sector. Raul has extensive experience in the maintenance industry providing accurate price estimates and comprehensive operations management. His vision for AMR-US, Inc. is to provide quality services while contributing to a sustainable and healthier workplace environment for the client and their staff and customer-base.

VIRGINIA E. DINZEY - Administrative & Finance Manager
Virginia is a creative thinker and effective problem-solver in streamlining operations, improving service delivery and quality control. She is a competent “people-person” with the ability to hear the client’s concerns and relay it to AMR-US’s maintenance staff. Virginia possesses the ability to address multiple issues, set priorities, and to clearly communicate the client’s needs. A MBA degree supports her professional experience, organizational skills and technical knowledge combined with her superior memory for details and a strong work ethic.

JENNIFER MORLEY - Human Resources Manager
Jennifer oversees all company training programs and human resource issues, as well as labor relations. She possesses excellent bi-lingual and bi-cultural skills (English/Spanish) which are a key asset in conveying the client’s needs and AMR-US employee concerns. She also has the technical capacity to develop a seamless process of employee application, orientation, and on-the-job training, and for establishing policies and procedures to assure the best customer satisfaction and employee development program. These processes include employee selection and documentation, employee background checks, and meeting all other employee requirements in accordance with local, state and federal government regulations.

JOSE A JIMENEZ – General Supervisor
Jose has over 20 years of facility maintenance experience. He oversees on-site operations in coordination with the area managers. A key area of his responsibility is assuring that AMR-US, Inc. fulfills the contract specifications while identifying new areas of service improvement.

Jerry is committed to providing reliable, scalable and cost effective Information Technology solutions to our customers. Mr. Banks has over 20 years experience as a leading provider of Government purchasing, Recruitment and Information Technology services, his goal is to utter satisfaction of each client.

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